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To our Valued Customers,

To our Valued Customers, First Nebraska Bank has many security measures and safeguards in place to ensure your accounts and credit are protected at all times. These measures and safeguards are in full force today allowing you to feel confident in using your debit card. If we believe there is fraudulent activity on your card, we will contact you to verify your purchases. Our Fraud Detection Center VRU (Voice Response Unit) calls to verify any unusual activity on your debit card and will freeze your card if it is compromised. You can also report your debit card as lost or stolen by calling your local branch directly or after hours, by calling (800) 472-3272.

In addition to our staff working every day to identify and stop fraud in its tracks, we encourage you to take steps to protect yourself by regularly monitoring your debit card accounts and immediately reporting any suspicious activity. As a reminder, First Nebraska Bank will never ask you for account information, we only will verify your information. Thank you for your business!